Solution Development

Solution implementation, data integration, service development and management reporting.

SaSe provides developers, testers, documenters and managers with specialist skills to make your project a success. Our specialists are experts in standard IT implementation technologies ranging from high-performance hardware like IBM Blade Centres to commercial ERP and BI Systems and bespoke product development languages like C/C++, C# and Java.

SaSe developers have studied Computer Science at top universities and have years of practical experience and our managers are ex-developers with professional Agile and Waterfall certification so you can be sure you will get the highest quality solution delivered efficiently and without any "project surprises" or delays.

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Case Study

IT Development by SaSe

Commercial Security Software
SaSe solution development consultants worked with one of the world's most innovative information security companies to implement new software for commercial resale. The software was developed using a TDD methodology to ensure the highest possible quality.