General Questions

What makes SaSe™ Different?
There are three factors that differentiate SaSe from other consulting companies:
  1. SaSe managers have worked successfully in every project role and can just as easily confirm details to ensure cross-technology solution fit as they can summarise difficult concepts to enable informed stakeholder decisions

  2. SaSe consultants have proven logical problem solving skills backed by relevant and comprehensive education from the world's best universities

  3. SaSe' SSLC approach means we often provide whole life cycle project solutions ranging from concept to marketing and end customer support

These differences translate into benefits for our clients including: stress free, on-time deliveries without unforeseen issues; well engineered, user friendly solutions with reliable business benefits.
What is the SSLC?
The SSLC refers to the SaSe Solution Life Cycle which is an acknowledgement that development is only part of a successful business solution. The SSLC is composed of four parts: Solution Strategy, Solution Design, Solution Development and Solution Transition each of which must be addressed (either by SaSe consultants or in-house resources) to obtain benefits from a business change.

Company and Project Information

Who are SaSe™?
SaSe are a leading business solution creation company. We make projects a success and manage any stage of the SSLC lifecycle from concept through to delivery. We do this with industry standard technologies as well as our own technologies like SSP, SSE, 3S, SOE, SPL and others that you may have heard of.
Who are SaSe's Clients?
Our clients range from regional SMEs to blue-chip multi-nationals and are in a range of industries including: Finance, FMCG, Government, Energy and Logistics. Despite the apparent diversity of our client portfolio our clients share one common characteristic: they all want to use technology to strengthen their position whether measured by customer satisfaction, market share or profits.
How big are SaSe's Projects?
We will usually be taken on for projects of strategic value to a company where our experience and commitment is beneficial to ensure nothing is overlooked and the business time, quality, cost and benefit expectations are met. Every company is different and for some companies our "strategic value" has meant a 15 year consulting retainment to help the company grow internationally, for others a $20m budget infrastructure upgrade programme and for others new product concepts generating a €300m increase in annual revenues.