SaSe™ Business Solutions


SaSe are an IT solution delivery and management company. We develop solutions that:

  • Create Markets,

  • Analyse Data and

  • Increase Efficiency

to improve revenues, decision certainty and increase the profits of other companies ranging from regional organisations looking to grow globally through to established blue-chip multi-nationals.

Of course developing solutions is neither the start or end of the IT delivery path and SaSe offers far more than simple development. SaSe is a full life cycle company helping organisations come-up with new products and ways of working in changing markets, prototyping and designing solutions, core development, management and quality testing as well as infrastructure installation, transition management, training and internal and external product support.

SaSe acts as either prime contractor, a sub contractor or provides individual consultants from its pool of experts in our own as well as industry standard methods and technologies depending on client needs.

SaSe™ Solution Life Cycle (SSLC)

Solution Strategy
Corporate vision development, blueprint design, strategic IT coherence and innovation consulting. Read More

Solution Development
Solution implementation, data integration, service development and system customisation. Read More


Solution Design
Requirement detailing, functional specification, technical design, data modelling and prototyping. Read More
Solution Transition
KPI measurement, release planning, benefits monitoring, training and support. Read More